It has never been easier to keep an eye on great deals in your neighbourhood!

1. Consumer Sign-Up

  • Kojji is available on both Android and Apple and downloadable from Google Play Store or iStore.
  • Kojji is totally free to the consumer.
  • Download and register your profile and you’re ready to go.

2. How Kojji works.

  • Kojji is about real-time and instant connections. It’s for the here & now.
  • Kojji connects businesses and consumers so that they may enjoy the benefits of deals, when the business is suited to make one and the consumer is able to claim it.
  • Kojji does not guarantee deals nor are businesses obliged to make any, unless it suits them to do so.
  • Be flexible; be creative and have some fun.

3. Kojji Offers

  • Kojji Offers are the offers being made by businesses, near you, that are about the here & now. They are meant to be used now or within the next few hours.
  • Set your preferences when searching for the offers you like. Browse through what’s available and choose the one you like.
  • Once you’ve chosen what you like, claim it, get a confirmation and booking number and turn up, at the correct time.
  • You pay the business as you would normally as Kojji is free.
  • You can change your preferences at any time

4. Making the best use of Kojji

  • Kojji is a real-time platform connecting you to businesses around you, offering deals in the food and drink and personal services sectors.
  • Sometimes, when businesses are too busy, there may be no deals being offered at all.
  • Expand your search criteria or search at other times.

5. Talk to Kojji

  • If you’re looking for that special offer and don’t see anything you like, use Talk to Kojji!
  • Talk to Kojji allows you to choose what type of business you want to talk to and to ask them for an offer you want, right now.
  • Send out a request and see what nearby businesses, that suit your request, come back with.
  • See anything you like? Claim it and enjoy it in the same way you would a normal offer.