Uvashi. Holding Company & Consultancy

Founded in 2015, Uvashi is a company which provides a platform and foundation for two distinct areas of business.

  1. As the holding company of Kojji – an online, interactive marketplace which aims to reform the offers and deals sector through real-time technology.

    Uvashi seeks investors to grow the Kojji business, in the UK.

    Uvashi also seeks partners and investors, interested in working with us, to launch the brand internationally.

  2. As a consultancy, offering expertise in general management, business planning and marketing & communications.

    We are interested in connecting with progressive companies, wanting outside expertise in any of the aforementioned areas, in all sectors.

Uvashi is a UK registered company operating globally.

If you are interested in connecting with Uvashi, please email Yogan Yoganandan, the CEO, on: yogan@uvashi.com